About Woodstock Mobiles

Hand bent and hand balanced, creating a one of a kind work of art.

Mobiles and stabiles are perfectly balanced contemporary works of art.

Each original work of art is completely hand-crafted from scratch, incorporating pivoting lengths of stainless wire cantilevers with fulcrums set in position.

The compositions of interesting geometric shapes happen randomly and are arranged and rearranged in space by chance, often inspired by moving forms from air current in our studio, and of course, the scientific method and creative process in the artist's mind.

The figurative linear structures create dynamic abstract forms set in motion by the slightest air current. Each work, made of a selection of metals primarily consisting of stainless steel wire forms and sheet metal, introduces the contour line directly into the sculpture as elements unto itself. 

How they are made

Each piece encompasses many manipulations by hand and are precision balanced, creating movement with the slightest of breeze - free form balance with no welding. The mobiles are made just like the Calder mobiles the artist studied for years. Stainless rods are crimped in a vice to the metal shapes - a lost art. Pendulum and fulcrums create constant movement and beautiful shadow play.


The beautiful, semi-precious heavy guage metals of copper and brass, as well as stainless and carbon steel, are recylced materials and are of the finest quality. 

Larger stabiles are 1/4" inch steel.

The is no maintenance required and all are weather resistant. 

Colored sculptures are powder coated and may live outside if you choose. 

Our mobiles have been featured on countless catalog covers, featured on many TV segments, won numerous awards, and are carried by the finest art galleries and retail stores across the country.

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All work is patented and copyrighted.